OHSIGH Logo Sweatshirts

OHSIGH Designer Sweatshirts ;) 
Three different designs for your young adult/adult female sims:
Choker is by me (unreleased)
Hair is by Sim It Up
Pants are PLAID LEGGINGS by me


Hand Bra

Hand Bra/Top for your young adult/adult female sims!
In all categories!
The hand is recolorable as well as the nails.
Back shows an arm wrapping around, connecting the hands.

Hair is by me (unreleased)
Choker is by me (unreleased)
Eyes are BEAUTIFUL EYES by me


Adidas Sports Bra

Let your young adult/adult female sims feel good and look great while they're working out or even just lounging~
Located in every category and everything is recolorable except for the symbol
Mesh by me!
Adidas symbol is © Adidas

Hair by Me (retexture of Maxis)
Skirt is LONG SKIRT by Me