Hey yall,
 I keep getting comments and e-mails regarding the dead link for the facial piercings. Upon logging in, I received a message saying that they have been removed for copyright reasons, which doesn't make ANY sense, because I created them 100% on my own and by myself. So please, use THIS LINK to download them! I have also changed the link on the original post to the new URL as well. Thank you all for still having interest in my creations! :') 
Love you all!!


OHSIGH Logo Sweatshirts

OHSIGH Designer Sweatshirts ;) 
Three different designs for your young adult/adult female sims:
Choker is by me (unreleased)
Hair is by Sim It Up
Pants are PLAID LEGGINGS by me


Hand Bra

Hand Bra/Top for your young adult/adult female sims!
In all categories!
The hand is recolorable as well as the nails.
Back shows an arm wrapping around, connecting the hands.

Hair is by me (unreleased)
Choker is by me (unreleased)
Eyes are BEAUTIFUL EYES by me