Collared Shirt

Ahoy maties
This is a shirt that I made a looooooooong time ago back when I was just starting to get interesting in custom content creation. 
It's the shirt that one of my models Sachiko was wearing while modeling for my Patterned Tights!

Obviously it's for young adult/adult female sims and it's available in every clothing category.
Since this is one of my first creations it might not be the best, but it's still one of my favorites.

Hair by Tehmango
Glasses by Tamo



Creeper shoes!
Mesh by me!

The laces and the part that's white in the picture are recolorable and they are available for young adult/adult female sims.


Hair by Irida


Studded Bra

Good day everyone c:
I have a bra for you all~
Just a retexture of one of the ones that come with the game.
But I added some studs or diamonds, whichever you think they look like more, that I added over top.
Me being a guy, I think it's pretty hot. But that's just my opinion. Take a look for yourself!

It's available in all female categories.

Shoes are CREEPERS by me



Pattern Tights

I have some new things for your sims guys c:
I'm not really sure what inspired their birthing but here they are~

Four different patterns: nebula, underwater, slime, and American flag.
They're located under the accessories section in every clothing category for female sims.
Some of you are probably thinking ......what.
But trust me they do look good. c:


Hair by Glaza
Top is FISHNET BRA by me


Facial Piercings

Who likes piercings?
I know I do! c:
It's a good thing you do too because I just made some for your sims!
Click on the pictures to view a bigger version.

There are 9 piercings, but the set comes with 13 different options.
They're for teen - elder male and female sims and can be found under the costume makeup section.

Eyes are BEAUTIFUL EYES by me

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Sailor Romper

Hola señores, señoras, y señoritas!
Here's one of my newer creations. It's basically just a retexture of one of the Sims expansion packs but I still like it c:

It comes exactly as it's shown in navy and it's recolorable. 
You can find it in the outfit section for young adult/adult females.



Beautiful Eyes

Hey hey hey it's my first creation available for download! c:
These are just some contact eyes that I made not too long ago.


They are not replacement eyes and they can be found under the costume makeup section.
It comes with three colors: brown, blue, and green. But, of course you don't have to keep them those colors.
There are three recolorable parts to the irises and they are available for males and females of all ages.